I'm happy to announce San Jose's very own All City Elite has decided to work with me as their band manager!  All City Elite, A.C.E.s as it is commonly referred to, is a collaboration between various Bay Area recording artists and musicians who were looking to create an exciting new sound, with broad appeal, but without being confined by specific genre trappings. This, along with an energetic stage performance and a strong focus on the digital distribution of their media, has already led to an impressive fan turn out and overwhelming support from friends, family, and colleagues alike.

Having known Rob Hurtado for years through the Jade of Days friend circuit, I was excited to see him perform with ACE last year when they opened for Filter; a very high-energy show that Pounders were also a part of.  This Saturday will be ACE's first time playing a Barb Rocks show and I'm stoked to see this lively band in action once more!  In the process of booking ACE for the show, we started chatting about their management needs and it turns out, they were looking for a local manager that could help them get more shows, press coverage, radio airplay, and overall better exposure in Silicon Valley and beyond.  Considering I specialize in just that, mostly in the local market, and am a fan of their music, we found that we were a perfect fit to work together.  I'm very excited for this new endeavor and look forward to working with such a musically talented group!  Help me welcome All City Elite to the growing Barb Rocks "Empire"!