I wanted to thank all of you for your ongoing support of Barb Rocks Presents. These past three years have been very exciting and quite fulfilling for me as a person and as a staple in the local music scene. Barb Rocks Presents has surpassed my expectations long ago and it's nice to be recognized as a leader in the scene, as well as respected for all my hard work and devotion. Being part of the San Jose music scene's revitalization has been very rewarding so far and I look forward to bringing you many more quality shows.

West Fest and Left Coast Live have brought my knowledge and experience to a whole new level and I hope that many more big things will continue to happen. I've recently been contacted about booking another venue in downtown San Jose, with hopes to bring more good live entertainment to the downtown scene, including weekend dates! I will be announcing the venue and shows as soon as more details are finalized, and I'm sure you will be very excited about the news and opportunity!

Upon recommendation from a business colleague, I wanted to inform everyone about one big change in the Barb Rocks enterprise. Denver Nitze, which some of you may know as Naomi Thomas, is no longer an associate of mine. After almost a year of working for me, Denver has decided to start her own booking/promotions business working with some of the same venues and bands as myself. Therefore, I wanted to let everyone know that Denver no longer represents me or Barb Rocks Presents, nor are her shows and bookings related to me or my business. I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors and hopefully there will be no conflicts due to our mutual business connections and associations.

I thought that this would also be a good time to get some feedback from everyone in regards to Barb Rocks Presents and how you would like to see my business expand. I've always enjoyed getting feedback from people I work with in regards to their experience with me so I hope to hear from you.

I'm excited about this upcoming summer of shows, including my birthday bash on Thurs July 2 at the Cupertino Brit, as well as Your Music Olympicks battle of the bands starting on June 20, with the finals on Fri Aug 7 at the VooDoo Lounge. I hope to see all of you out there supporting local music. I truly believe that right now is the time for San Jose to come alive and grow with more live music. Let's make it happen!