Barb Rocks may not book every venue and every weekend in the south bay, not because it hasn't been offered to me, but because I choose to put on a few top notch shows every month at the best venues in town. This gives me the time to put together quality shows by organizing well thought-out line-ups with good drawing professional bands, without over-saturating the market. It's no wonder that Barb Rocks shows are known as the best shows in the south bay with the most consistent draw and best payout!

Some promoters like to talk big and make false promises, but that's not what you get when you book with Barb Rocks. Instead, you get a well-rounded experience that bands and fans rave about. My goal has always been to put on well-attended shows that everyone can enjoy from beginning to end, so that the venues, bands, and fans have an unforgettable experience. For over 7 years I have established myself as the most reputable promoter for rock shows in San Jose, and I'm proud of this accomplishment. Plus I use the best sound guys in the South Bay that have great PA equipment, so that everyone gets to experience the best sound quality while enjoying the show.

Even though I may be booked up to 3 months ahead, I also have connections with venues that need open slots filled on shows, so even though those are not Barb Rocks shows, it still helps bands get shows at venues. My network and connections run deep and all over the west coast and I will always try to help out bands as much as possible. So if I can't get you on one of my shows, I can at least help bands get on other shows.

I pay out bands 70-100% of door monies collected at the show based on draw, minus expenses incurred by the show (ie. flyer design, door guy, sound).  If the show does well and the bar sales are high, then the higher the percentage bands get paid out.  I pride myself on running on organized, well-booked shows, and have the reputation to back that up. Feel free to check out the band testimonials on the "About" page and see what they say about me.

If you're looking to book shows with me, use the contact form and provide me with your band name, URL with music samples, list of venues and bands you have played with, accurate estimate of draw numbers on both weeknights and weekends, whether your primary draw is under or over 21, and referrals if you have them. My show dates are always listed on my page, so please let me know what date(s) you have in mind to play. Please note that if four bands are already listed under a particular date, that means that show is already fully booked.

It's also important for bands to know that they should spread out their shows in the same market at least 3-4 weeks apart for best results. Let's keep the venues, promoters, bands, and fans happy and make sure that each show draws well and is a success for everyone involved!!