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Music Launch Summit's Seven Days Of Interactive Learning


Music Launch Summit, created by Australian musician and entrepreneur Steve Palfreyman, just released their Seven Days of Interactive Learning to Build Your Career in Music.

This event series is here to help artists and industry professionals up-skill, to gain insights and inspiration, meet and collaborate with your peers, and most of all, to walk away with completed work to help you launch. πŸš€

I urge you to watch the replays and learn from those that specialize in these topics and provide great information so you can take charge of your music career!

Sign up and then watch here! I also posted my notes from each session in my dropbox.



Barb Rocks Quoted In Soundfly Article On Booking Better Shows

Big thanks to Angela Mastrogiacomo from Muddy Paw PR for including me in her article about booking better shows for Soundfly!

β€œMany bands think that just posting on social media is enough to promote the show,” shares Barbara Wahli of booking agency Barb Rocks. β€œFew take the time to go to other shows with flyers in hand to network and promote their upcoming show. They forget that you need to go out and meet people to get new people interested in their band and attend shows.”