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Barb Rocks Selected As SXSW Mentor!


Very excited and proud to announce that SXSW has selected Barb Rocks as a mentor for their mentorship program during the conference! Barbara is a mentor on management, live events, and A&R and will be available on Saturday March 16th from 3:30pm to 4:45pm at the Austin Convention Center in Room 17A on the 4th Floor.

Mentor Sessions offer 15 minutes of one-on-one interaction with industry leaders and professionals from a variety of fields spanning interactive, film, and music. To schedule your time, please do so through your SXSW account.

Barbara will be in Austin from March 8th to 17th and would love to meet up with anyone interested while she’s there. So if you’re going to be at SXSW, let’s get together!




Barb Rocks Signs Frantic Romantic To Her Management Roster!


January 21, 2019

Barb Rocks announced the signing of San Jose's dreampop rockers Frantic Romantic to her management roster. Having worked with the band in their previous incarnation, as well as managing lead singer Mr. Kerosene's former band Drop Dead Sixty, it was only natural for Frantic Romantic to sign with the local band manager they already trusted and built repertoire with.

Frantic Romantic emerged from the ashes of Skyway View with an arsenal of new music, which they've been releasing monthly since October 2018. Comprised of six strangers who came together to handcraft a sonic, melodic miasma of songs, they’ve been compared to the likes of The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Psychedelic Furs. Both melodic and aggressive, they possess a sound sonically reminiscent of decades past, oozing 80’s new wave mixed with 90’s culture, with a stage presence to match. With four singles and accompanying videos released already, plus a new video and full EP coming this Spring, the band is ready to burst out of California music scene and gain traction wherever they can.

In regards to working together, Frantic Romantic's Mr. Kerosene said, "We’re very excited to announce our official partnership with Barb Rocks. Barb has a quality that few others possess: she really gives a damn. She wants musicians to succeed, and she’ll fight for bands even when they aren’t fighting for themselves. As a group, we feel our dedication to our work will not only be matched, but heightened by her services. She has a myriad of resources and she makes herself constantly available. We look forward to working with our manager and close friend, Barb Rocks."

Barb Rocks said of Frantic Romantic, "I’ve always been impressed with the drive, passion, and energy the band has to make it in this business. Not only is Frantic Romantic releasing quality songs with entertaining videos, they are also eager to learn and find new ways to garner people’s attention. Working with musicians who are actively involved in achieving their goals with a distinct creative vision is every manager’s dream, and together we can achieve new heights.”

Both Frantic Romantic and Barb Rocks are excited for this union and what the future holds, confident their working relationship will lead to prosperous years ahead.

Be sure to check out all the creative music videos Frantic Romantic has released in the last four months and be sure subscribe to their YouTube Channel! The band is currently shooting their new music video which they plan to release in March, followed by the release of their debut LP Celestina. And don’t forget to stream their music on Spotify!



Barb Rocks On Social Media Panel At Balanced Breakfast Music Summit


Balanced Breakfast announced their 2nd National Music Industry Summit, taking place at PianoFight in San Francisco on Saturday February 9th, with a Pre-Party on Friday February 8th. Meet professionals from San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Charlotte and more. Learn from panels discussing everything from social media to licensing.

Check out the Schedule & Panels:

10:30 AM • "Welcome" • Front Cabaret Stage
Stefan Aronsen - BB Co-founder

10:40 AM • "Flow Warm-up" • Front Cabaret Stage
Barb Blank - Yoga Instructor

11:00 AM • The Importance of Radio • Center For New Music
Alvie Alex Adams (Moderator) - DJ at
M Florentino Buenaventura - CEO EnterTalk Media
Mindi Levine - Radio DJ & Music Marketing Maven
Amanda Guest - Founder of
Pam Benjamin - Director at Mutiny Radio

11:00 AM • No Photo, No Video, it Didn't Happen • Small Theater
Reed Cameron Fox (Moderator) - Artist
Boris Petrov - Software Engineer @ YouTube Music
Anne Cook - Co-founder of
Paige Parsons - Photographer
Greg Chow - Photographer

11:00 AM • How to Build a Stronger Brand • Big Theater
Zen Zenith (Moderator) - Song Writer & Podcast Producer
Ben Givarz - Sr. Content Specialist at Dolby Labs
Bryce David Dow-Williamson - C.E.O. at Second Octave
Ayliffe Brown - Director of Programs at Zoo Labs
Matt Roads - CEO/Founder of IHE Entertainment

12:00 PM • The Power of Social Media & The Web • Center For New Music
Suzanne Yada (Moderator) - Social Media Specialist
Isabelle Garson - CCO at Second Octave Media
Dakin Hardwick - Managing Editor of Spinning Platters / Product Trainer for Eventbrite Music
Cory Zechmann - Blogger Silence Nogood
Barbara M Wahli - Artist Manager / Social Media Advisor
Moody Jones - Director of Marketing at EMPIRE

12:00 PM • Tech Tools for Music Professionals • Small Theater
Bob Duskis (Moderator) - Co-Founder Six Degrees Records
Rémi Jourdan - Founder TuneTrax
Elaine Ryan - Founder Hooplays
Anisa Khoshbakhtian - Digital Asset Advisors (blockchain)

12:00 PM • How to Book Better Shows • Large Theater
Travis Hayes - (moderator) Booker at Neck of The Woods
Jules Indelicato - Booker at Bar Fluxus
Kent Jamieson - Manager at Slim's
Lynn Schwarz - Talent Buyer at Bottom of The Hill
Paul Chalker - PR & Marketing Manager at The Chapel


1:00 PM • Live Broadcasting
Dor Wand - Founder at Fault Radio
Dundee Maghen - Co-founder at Fault Radio

1:00 PM • Afternoon Stretch
Eve Fleishman - Yoga Instructor & Musician

2:00 PM • Creating an Unforgettable Experience • Center For New Music
Josh Windmiller (Moderator) - Artist, Festival Producer, Venue Director
James Lopez - Assistant Talent Buyer at Noise Pop Industries
Liam Shy - DJ / Lawyer
Andi Galpern - Founder & Producer at Cascade SF
McKay Garner - Record Producer, Mix Engineer, Composer

2:00 PM • How to Musician Better • Small Theater
Kat Downs (Moderator) - Sit Kitty Sit
Serafino Barto - Forgotten Dreamers (formerly Serf & James)
mike hoffman - Panic is Perfect
Sivan Lioncub - Everyone is DIrty
Alexi Rose Belchere - The Y Axes

2:00 PM • Music Business Stories • Large Theater
Kit Russell (Moderator) - Creative Consultant
Lyle Burns - Creative Consultant
Ashley Kervabon - Stoyanov - Founder of #WomenCrush Music
Fred Hausman III - President of Prize Fighter Records
Justin Pogue - Consultant / Financial Advisor / Author

3:00 PM • Tools For Industry Success • Center For New Music
Arya Zarrinkelk (Moderator) - Creative Arts Career Counselor & Musician
Marcus Ghiasi - Lead Singer of Your Fearless Leader
Elliot Gann - Executive Director at Today's Future Sound
Paige Clem - Marketing Director for High Sierra & Musician
Michael Annuzzi - Musician

3:00 PM • Opportunities in Music Engineering • Small Theater
Kalib DuArte (Moderator) - Executive Producer Asylum Arts Record Label
Chis McGrew - Producer and Mixer at Hyde Street Studio C
Carmen Caruso - Music Producer, Engineer & Lead Singer of Agouti
Michael Romanowski - Mastering Engineer
Edmond Clare - Producer at Noir Studios (Sony Music)
Chris Wirsig - Songwriter, Composer, Producer at No:carrier

3:00 PM • How to Treat it Like a Business • Large Theater
Peter B. Jacobsen (Moderator) - GM at Music City SF
Mark Pearson - Lawyer with ARC Law Group
Bob Duskis - President and Co-Founder of Six Degrees Records
Dae Bogan - Co-founder & CEO of TuneRegistry
Alison Lucille Griggs - Owner of Note 4 Note Accounting


Watch the promo video!




Barb Rocks On Artist Management Panel For Balanced Breakfast Music Industry Summit


Balanced Breakfast announced their 1st National Music Industry Summit, taking place at PianoFight in San Francisco on Saturday February 10th, with a Pre-Party on Friday February 9th with Oakland electro-funk trio Planet Booty and DéCollage from Denver.  Meet professionals from San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Charlotte and more. Learn from panels discussing everything from social media to licensing.

Check out the Schedule & Panels:

10:00 AM Doors open
10:30 AM • Front Cabaret Stage
Welcome & Warm-up
Stefan Aronsen • BB Co-founder

11:00 AM • Front Cabaret Stage
Move Your Body, Train Your Mind: A Path To Peak Performance
Eve Fleishman (moderator) - Yoga Therapist & Musician
Jonathan Devoto - Dancer, Health Coach & Musician
Loryn Barbeau - Holistic Vocal and Performance Coach
Barb Siller - Yoga Instructor & Musician

11:00 AM • Small Theater
PROMOtivation! - Inspire and Enhance Connections through Marketing and Promotions
Paige Clem (mod) - Marketing Director for High Sierra Music
Mindi Levine - DJ at 99.3 The Vine & Music Marketer
M Florentino Buenaventura - CEO at EnterTalk Radio
Barbara Leung - RemixNoise

11:00 AM • Big Theater
Revival of Vinyl
Gordon Elgart (moderator) - Founder Spinning Platters
Ben Givarz - Artist Relations Mgr
Michael David Carney - Co-owner of Gulch Alley Music Studio
Jacob Horowitz - Record Scientist
Sarah Sexton - Owner at OIM Records

12:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
How to Use Social Media Better
Isabelle Garson (moderator) - CCO at Second Octave Media
Michael Brandvold - CEO Michael Brandvold Marketing
Bryce David Dow-Williamson - CEO at Second Octave Media
David A Sikorski - Senior Editor at EARMILK
Bob Duskis - President & Co-Founder of Six Degrees Records

12:00 PM • Small Theater
The Musician's Tech Tool Kit
Peter B. Jacobsen (moderator)- Studio Manager at Music City SF
Patti Silverman - Advisor at SF MusicTech Summit & Consultant
Todd Tate - Co-founder of Musical Turk
Aliza Hava - Founder of Musician's BASS
Cory Zechmann - Project Manager at TuneIn

12:00 PM • Large Theater
Got Gigs? Coffeeshops, Corporate, and Clubs
Brian Bergeron (moderator) - Ivy Hill Entertainment
Travis Hayes Busse - Talent Buyer at Neck of The Woods
Sarah - Booking at Boom Boom Room
Omar Peña - Event Coordinator and Promoter
KC Turner - Concert Promoter via KC Turner Presents


2:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
Artist Management
Josh Windmiller (moderator) - Manager, Producer & Artist
Casey Shafer - CEO Burning House Management
Victor Casillas Valle - Artist Manager at Counter Culture Group
Barbara M Wahli - Artist Manager via Barb Rocks
Brendan Dreaper - Band Manager at Mixtape Artist Management
Fred Hausman III - CEO Prize Fighter Records

2:00 PM • Small Theater
How to Write Better Songs
Jared Swanson (moderator) - Lead Singer of Abbot Kinney
Emily Moldenhauer - Lead Singer of Emily Afton
Adam Brookes - Lead Singer of Dangermaker
Matt Roads - Freelance Musician & Ivy Hill Entertainment
Mona Khalifa Magno - Lead Singer of Twin Flame Medicine
Roem Baur - Singer-Songwriter

2:00 PM • Big Theater
BRANDING: How Defining Your Message Will Skyrocket Your Career
Kit Russell (moderator) Creative Consultant & Strategist
Lyle Burns - Creative Consultant & Strategist
Zen Zenith - Musician & Podcaster
Angela Mastrogiacomo - Music Publicist
Annie Bacon - Musician & Blogger

3:00 PM • Front Cabaret Stage
Musician Showmanship/Performance
Kanoa Blodgett (moderator) - Owner of Neck of The Woods
Dylan Charles Germick - Lead Singer of Planet Booty (Oakland)
Reed Cameron Fox - Lead Singer of DéCollage (Denver)
Lalin St. Juste - Lead Singer of The Seshen (Bay Area)
Sivan Lioncub - Lead Singer of Everyone Is Dirty (Oakland)
Emily Sevin - Photographer

3:00 PM • Small Theater
Music Law: Online and On Stage
Mark Pearson (moderator) - Entertainment Attorney
Vivek Sridharan - Entertainment Attorney
Jon Duman - Entertainment Attorney
Ben Van Houten - Entertainment Office City Hall

3:00 PM • Big Theater
Sound & Engineering
Seth Lael (moderator) - Sound Engineer
Michael Romanowski - Mastering Engineer at Coast Mastering
Starita - Producer, Engineer & Artist
Jesse Cassar - Audio Engineer & Talent Buyer
Carmen Caruso - Music Producer
Gabriel Sean Armstrong - Sound engineer

4:00 PM • Big Theater
Keynote: What is Success?
Stefan Aronsen (Moderator) - Balanced Breakfast Co-Founder
Aaron Axelsen - Alt 105 Music Director
John Vanderslice - Tiny Telphone Recording
Mike Deni - Geographer

5:00 PM - CLOSE • Front Cabaret Stage

Gutter Swan
Mona Khalifa Magno




Barb Rocks Quoted In Soundfly Article On Booking Better Shows

Big thanks to Angela Mastrogiacomo from Muddy Paw PR for including me in her article about booking better shows for Soundfly!

“Many bands think that just posting on social media is enough to promote the show,” shares Barbara Wahli of booking agency Barb Rocks. “Few take the time to go to other shows with flyers in hand to network and promote their upcoming show. They forget that you need to go out and meet people to get new people interested in their band and attend shows.”



The Bay Bridged Interview With Planet Booty

San Francisco music blog The Bay Bridged interviewed Oakland electro-funk trio Planet Booty about their upcoming show with Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep at Great American Music Hall on Wed May 24th.  The interview with frontman Dylan Germick dives deep into the band's new album, their upcoming tours across the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, and their successful showcases at SXSW earlier this year.  The article also includes quotes from Krista Lettko, creative director at Authentic Audience, who is helping the band with social media, as well as myself on why I wanted to work with the band.  Be sure the read the whole feature and don't miss the show next week to see why everyone's talking about this high-energy band that gets everyone in the audience dancing and leaves an unforgettable impression with their stage presence!



Austin Showcases For Nemesis Roster Bands

We are proud to announce that we have secured the following showcases for our Management and Booking Roster bands in Austin during SX week!

The Go Ahead

Mon March 14:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Rooftop Bar @ 8pm

Mon March 14:
Music Monger Showcase
Cheers Rooftop @ 11pm

Tues March 15:
Dirty Fest
Dirty Dog Bar @ 1:45pm

Wed March 16:
Music City SF presents Bay Area Showcase
The Jackalope @ 5pm

Wed March 16:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Dizzy Rooster @ 9pm
Thurs March 17:
Ugly Whale Showcase
Darwin's Pub @ 11pm

Sat March 19:
South x Big Bang
Big Bang @ 8pm


Tues March 15:
Red Gorilla Showcase
HandleBar @ 5pm

Wed March 16:
Outdoor Stage
Rainey Street @ 6pm

Wed March 16:
113 Main Music Showcase
Cheers Rooftop @ Midnight

Thurs March 17:
Ugly Whale Showcase
Darwin's Pub @ 10pm

Fri March 18:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Darwin's Pub @ 9pm

Sat March 19:
SouthX Big Bang
Big Bang @ 4pm

Sat March 19:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Thirsty Nickel @ 9pm

Sit Kitty Sit

Tues March 15:
Music City SF presents Bay Area Showcase
The Jackalope @ 1pm

Tues March 15:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Blind Pig @ 4pm

Wed March 16:
SouthX Big Bang
Big Bang @ 8pm

Thurs March 17:
Aquarium Bar @ 5:45pm

Thurs March 17:
Ugly Whale Showcase
Darwin's Pub @ 9pm

Eyes on the Shore

Wed March 16:
Music City SF presents Bay Area Showcase
The Jackalope @ 4pm

Wed March 16:
113 Main Music Showcase
Cheers Rooftop @ 1am

Thurs March 17:
SouthX Big Bang
Big Bang @ 3pm

Thurs March 17:
Red Gorilla Showcase
HandleBar @ 10pm

Thurs March 17:
Ugly Whale Showcase
Darwin's Pub @ 12am

Fri March 18:
Outdoor Stage
Rainey Street @ 7pm

Sat March 19:
Red Gorilla Showcase
Craftsman Bar @ 9pm

Lucas Gordon

Fri March 18:
Blue Cat Cafe @ 5pm

Sat March 19:
Red Gorilla Showcase
HandleBar Rooftop @ 3pm



Citabria Inked Management Deal with Nemesis Media Inc.

February 3, 2016

Alternative rock four piece Citabria has just inked a management deal with Nemesis Media Inc. Their groovy rhythmic rock has been a hit at home in Northern California, as well as gaining popularity on the international market, including a performance in Açor Talentos, Portugal’s version of American Idol. Citabria recorded their most recent full length album Exit Reality at Jingletown Recording, famous for being owned by Green Day, which garnered some radio airplay and rave reviews. The band most recently played Santa Cruz Music Festival, supported legendary Campbell band Strata at prestigious concert venue The Ritz, and graced the stage at San Jose’s premiere Rockbar Theater.

With roots in San Jose and Austin, Nemesis Media has become known for producing high quality events and for their continued support of Balanced Breakfast, the music industry networking group. Nemesis Media recently signed a number of great regional acts from the San Francisco Bay Area after joining forces with fellow promoter and talent manager Barb Rocks.

Nemesis Media VP of Artists and Repertoire Barbara Wahli said of Citabria, "Having been a fan of Citabria's music for 7 years, I knew I wanted to work with this incredibly talented band for some time, especially when I heard their newest album "Exit Reality"! Nemesis Media is lucky to work with such a technically-savvy band that has a modern and mainstream edge, whose sound grabs a hold of the listener and doesn't let go. Each band member's integrity and love for what they are doing shines through their songs and live performances, which is refreshing in the music business."

Asked what their thoughts were, Citabria as a whole said "Citabria is stoked to be partnering with Barbara Wahli & Nemesis Media. We feel very positive and unified knowing that they will guide us on this path of progress. They are exceptionally knowledgeable and it gives us a sense of relief knowing they got our backs."

Both Citabria and Nemesis Media are excited for this union and what the future holds, confident that strategic business partnerships like this will lead to prosperous journeys ahead.

For all things Citabria and Nemesis, check out, or like the band on Facebook. Citabria is releasing a bunch of new songs and videos in 2016, as well as a monthly touring schedule, so stay tuned for details on their social media!



Nemesis Media Welcomes Sit Kitty Sit to their Management Roster!

November 11, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. announced the signing of San Francisco hard piano rock duo Sit Kitty Sit.  Without a string in sight, the band consists of Kat Downs on keys and pipes, while Mike Thompson sets the stage with his percussion.  Sit Kitty Sit possess a mind blowing sound that engulfs the audience with expert keystrokes and a powerful, driving drum beat, accomplishing more as two people than a full band on stage.  None of which is surprising considering the musical tutelage of both band members, whose backgrounds and experiences have lead to some admirable accomplishments.

Speaking of joining the Nemesis family, the duo Sit Kitty Sit said collectively, “Sit Kitty Sit is proud and excited to be joining Barbara Wahli & the awesome Nemesis Media team!  We are confident they can lead the way in expanding our growth and presence in the music industry and are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Nemesis Media’s own Vice President Barbara Wahli said of Sit Kitty Sit, “It's amazing to see what a duo on piano and drums can do to not only grab the audience's attention so fiercely, but keep them guessing as they switch from classical to metal influences in their music.  Sit Kitty Sit's stage presence is electrifying, engaging, and technically proficient, filled with raw emotion and beautifully written songs.  I'm looking forward to working with such a professional and fiery team that will continue to thrill audiences worldwide.”

Sit Kitty Sit are incredibly busy touring Europe right now and have many shows coming right around the corner! Keep an eye out for any and all news at their website, For more on Nemesis Media Inc., check out



Nemesis Proudly Welcomes Barb Rocks as VP of A&R

August 12, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. and Barb Rocks are very proud to announce Barbara “Barb Rocks” Wahli as Nemesis Media’s new Vice President of Artists and Repertoire. Wahli brings an experience base beyond reproach due to her many years of service in the South Bay music scene. She is recognized within the music community for her fun and ambitious demeanor, while maintaining a strong and diligent work ethic, to ensure artists produce the highest quality products for their fans. She brings her personal brand of energy and productivity to the Nemesis Media team. Both Wahli and Nemesis Media couldn’t be more thrilled! This is the largest independent merger in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in the last ten years.

Wahli is very excited to join a team that she “knows from experience shares the same high standards as [her] in business and will deliver above and beyond expectations for our artist roster.” Wahli believes that “Nemesis has a proven track record” and both organizations have partnered on numerous projects throughout the years. The merger not only feels right, but will benefit both sides tremendously. “Together we are unstoppable!”

The Nemesis Media team is also very enthusiastic about Barbara stepping into her new position, collectively stating "After years of partnering on project after project, and building an incredible mutual respect for one another, Nemesis Media knows this move couldn't be better and nobody could fit like Barb does with our dynamic team."

Apart from working as Barb Rocks, Wahli is also known for her continuing contribution to the San Jose chapter of Balanced Breakfast — a weekly casual networking meetup of musicians, label owners, bookers, publicists, mixers, engineers and bloggers that aim to share knowledge and strengthen the music community.

With her leadership, Balanced Breakfast San Jose has become a breakout chapter and a model for others to achieve. Wahli has also played an important role in numerous South Bay music festivals, including Left Coast Live, Santa Cruz Music Festival, and West Valley College's West Fest, among several others. Her guiding hand has been responsible for organizing some of the best events the San Francisco Bay has seen this decade and will continue to do so under the Nemesis Media banner.

With decades of experience combined, Nemesis Media Inc. will be able to reach out to more audiences and continue to place the needs of its artists first. This is our number one priority. If you love working with Barb Rocks, and are excited for the wonderful opportunity this presents to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, artists and musicians, then please feel free to check us out on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your favorite local hangout!

For more on Nemesis Media and Barb Rocks,



Barb Rocks Management Roster Picked Up The Go Ahead!

I am happy to announce that The Go Ahead from San Francisco are now part of my management roster!  This talented, high-energy bluesy-rock four piece is known for their incredibly unique sound, pulling from influences such as Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Fiona Apple and many more.  They're a nice blend of powerhouse grooves, soul-shaking bass, jaw-dropping guitar lines, and melodies packed with sheer emotion, which makes this band an experience unlike any other.  Vocalist Kyna Wise is an excellent front-woman that really pulls the audience in with her "barefood" performance.

I first met The Go Ahead when they were known as Jesús and the Rabbis and they played Woodstock's Pizza stage at the debut Santa Cruz Music Festival.  They played right after Pounders, ending the night with a lovely soulful energy.  A year later, with a new band name, I ran into them again when they played with Fritz Montana, which turned out to be a wonderful reconnect leading to some awesome show collaborations between the two bands.  I've really gotten to know the band over the past year, bonding even more this past March in Austin at SXSW.  I know this collaboration which will lead to some promising things and am excited for our future endeavors together.

Please welcome The Go Ahead to the Barb Rocks family!

Check out their websites & music:



Old Radio Interviews

About 5 years ago, I was managing South Bay bands Jade of Days and Point 3 and working very closely with The Moderna Complex.  My friend Tavius had a DJ slot at KSCU (Santa Clara University) and we had some fun interviews with him.  Feel free to check out the recordings of those on-air radio sessions.  :-)



Order Your Custom Barb Rocks Clothing Items!

The wait is finally over!  I can officially take orders for Barb Rocks logo-printing clothing items!  Instead of just buying a stack of shirts in one color and various sizes, I've decided to give you more custom options:

1) Give me an item of clothing you want printed with my logo.  It can be a tshirt, tank top, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, etc. in any color.  Cost for silk-screen is only $5!

2) Choose a clothing item from below links; just let me know which item, your size and the color you want, and I will give you exact pricing.



Long Sleeve Shirts:

Hoodies (logo would print on back):

You can also browse through rest of American Apparel site to see other options, though I will need to clear your selection with my vendor to ensure it will work with silk screen printing.

Once your price is determined and item is on order, you can PayPal the money to me.  I need a total of 50 items to get the order started.  It's all pretty easy, so please make your selections!

Thank you for your support!



Nemesis Media teams up with local bay area promoter Barb Rocks!

We are pleased to announce that Nemesis Media  will be teaming up with bay area promoter Barb Rocks in an effort to better serve the local music community in and around the bay area. Combined, both companies can offer bands a wide variety of services which include, but are not limited to,

Show Booking
Tour Booking
Professional Recording Services
Short Run CD Manufacturing
Apparel Manufacturing
Music Videos
Artist Management
Event Production

We couldn't be happier to be teaming up with one of the best promoters in the bay area! Bands who are interested in any of the above listed services, please feel free to contact us or Barb Rocks at the appropriate websites listed below. As always, thank you to everyone for their continued support; without you there would be no scene.