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My Love For Australian Pop-Rockers The Jezabels

The first time I heard "Catch Me" by The Jezabels I was hooked!  This Australian 4-piece captured my heart with sultry vocals and pop-influenced melodies.  "A Little Piece" (off their EP Dark Storm) was the next song I discovered, based on a recommendation from a Turntable app user, which may be my favorite track due to it's climactic build-up.  Shortly after these two treasured revelations, I downloaded their debut studio album Prisoner and became the ultimate fan.

Last year The Wild Honey Pie posted about this lovely band, featuring two videos of their Buzzsession performances that I encourage you to watch.  Not only is Hayley Mary's voice perfection in each song, but you get an overall idea of how talented the whole band is.  "City Girl" flows beautifully into your ears, with the soft vocals building beautifully into Hayley's signature high-pitch drawls, and "Endless Summer" shows off the band's more energetic side.

The Jezabels ended up doing another Buzzsession after CMJ, in which they performance an acoustic version of "Mace Spray" with only a guitar, a shaker, and their voices, filmed in Stuy Town, Manhattan.

Earlier this  year, The Jezabels released their sophomore album The Brink, which is a gem from beginning to end.  I'm so addicted to this album that I stream it almost daily while getting ready in the morning -- it's my favorite album in 2014 so far!  All the tracks blend perfectly together with some upliftings anthems off-set by some incredible ballads.  Generally I could list two songs that really stick out, but in the case of The Brink, all the tracks hold their own.  You can stream the full album on their Soundcloud, which you can reach through this great article from Esquire.