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Nemesis Media Welcomes Sit Kitty Sit to their Management Roster!

November 11, 2015

Nemesis Media Inc. announced the signing of San Francisco hard piano rock duo Sit Kitty Sit.  Without a string in sight, the band consists of Kat Downs on keys and pipes, while Mike Thompson sets the stage with his percussion.  Sit Kitty Sit possess a mind blowing sound that engulfs the audience with expert keystrokes and a powerful, driving drum beat, accomplishing more as two people than a full band on stage.  None of which is surprising considering the musical tutelage of both band members, whose backgrounds and experiences have lead to some admirable accomplishments.

Speaking of joining the Nemesis family, the duo Sit Kitty Sit said collectively, “Sit Kitty Sit is proud and excited to be joining Barbara Wahli & the awesome Nemesis Media team!  We are confident they can lead the way in expanding our growth and presence in the music industry and are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Nemesis Media’s own Vice President Barbara Wahli said of Sit Kitty Sit, “It's amazing to see what a duo on piano and drums can do to not only grab the audience's attention so fiercely, but keep them guessing as they switch from classical to metal influences in their music.  Sit Kitty Sit's stage presence is electrifying, engaging, and technically proficient, filled with raw emotion and beautifully written songs.  I'm looking forward to working with such a professional and fiery team that will continue to thrill audiences worldwide.”

Sit Kitty Sit are incredibly busy touring Europe right now and have many shows coming right around the corner! Keep an eye out for any and all news at their website, For more on Nemesis Media Inc., check out