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Set The BAR Announces Signing Of Alex Winters


Contact: Set The BAR Management

Alex Winters signs Management Deal with Set The BAR

Set The BAR Artist Management is pleased to announce the signing of central-Texas based singer/songwriter, Alex Winters!

Alex Winters is an award-winning rock artist whose forte is in sharing the vivid memories, feelings, and stories of both the beautiful and challenging experiences that molded her into the resourceful woman that she is today.

Of the signing, Barbara M Wahli shared, "We are excited to work with such a talented and ambitious musician who's heartfelt songs really resonate with her audience! It's wonderful to see how devoted and engaged Alex's fans are. Sharing her arduous journey and how it shaped her life has truly made Alex a strong female role model."

Luna Guitars honored Alex Winters with the inaugural “Shining Star” award in 2012, and Alex was featured in Hypebot for her use of Concert Window for live-streaming shows. With her seamless vocals, effortless compositions, and self-starting business sense, Alex has garnered some dedicated fans via her Patreon page and been featured in various press throughout the years. She is known by her fans as a poet, a dreamer, a story-teller, and an inspiration.

Excited about the new signing, Alex Winters said, “The folks at Set the BAR have been really great to work with so far. I love their enthusiasm and passion for developing and growing the careers of the musicians on their roster. Each member brings something special to the table that I know will help me succeed, and I am looking forward to storming the music business with them at my side."

Alex is currently in the studio recording new songs while the new team formulates plans for upcoming releases, tours, and transforming Alex Winters’ brand into a scalable business that aligns with today’s market trends.

To learn more about Alex Winters and her introspective music, check out:



Barb Rocks And The A&R Agency Announce Set The BAR Partnership


Contact: Set The BAR Management

Barb Rocks and The A&R Agency Announce New Partnership: Set The BAR Artist Management

Barb Rocks (CA) and The A&R Agency (TX) are excited to announce a strategic partnership between their artist management firms!

Having successfully collaborated on various projects and events, and even sharing an artist management roster over the course of 12 consecutive years, Barbara M WahliAustin Breckenridge, and Robert S. Austin have proven on numerous occasions that their team dynamic moves mountains.

In regards to the new partnership, Robert Austin of The A&R Agency mentioned that, “By being a cross-city/cross-state alliance, we create the opportunity to increase our regional footprint and serve a more dynamic roster. I’m a firm believer that by combining our diverse skill sets and robust network of industry professionals, we will continue to yield the organizational fortitude that our clients require in order to succeed.”

Set The BAR's mission is to provide a vigorous, proactive approach to artist management, tailored to the unique needs of each client. The ultimate goal of STB’s relationship with their clients is to achieve and maintain a state of mutual excellency.

Barbara Wahli of Barb Rocks added, "I’m excited for this partnership and trust that together we are an unstoppable force that champions the artists we work for!"

Set The BAR's combined roster currently consists of Alex Winters, with more artists to be announced! For more info, check out