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Santa Cruz Artist Stormy Strong Signed to Barb Rocks Management!

It gives me great joy to announce that Santa Cruz artist Stormy Strong has signed management deal with me!  Stormy is a very talented singer/songwriter that has won three songwriting contests for his song "Save You" from Billboard World Songwriting Contest, Great American Songwriting Contest, and Disc Maker's Indie Music World Series, plus his song "Sail Away" won The Best Music You Have Never Heard on KGO Radio in 2007.

Stormy's song "Jumpstart The Heart" was chosen as #1 in "Rick's Picks 2012" on 'The Best Radio You Have Never Heard' podcast, which also included songs from Smashing Pumpkins, Regina Spektor, Arcade Fire, Rage Against The Machine!

Stormy's unique cover of The Pixies "Where is My Mind?" has been popular on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Mog, and iHeart Radio.  It's also the song that originally caught my attention 6 years ago when I first booked Stormy at the Cupertino Brit!  His new EP "Take Her Down" was recorded with music industry icons Lyle Workman (Frank Black, Todd Rundgren, Beck), Sean Beavan (Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails), Tim Narducci (Systematic) and Chris Manning (Jellyfish).  Since 1996, Stormy Strong’s brand of "alternative saltwater rock"sinks in with razor sharp hooks, honest bitter lyrics and raw emotion, biting with an unforgettably addictive sting.

It's an honor to work with such a talented songwriter, so please welcome him to the Barb Rocks family!  I'm working on some show bookings for Stormy, so stay tuned for announcements and keep supporting local music.  You never know, you might just see a well-known pounder slaying drums for Stormy! ;-)