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D Grant Smith Releases New Book "Be Solid" And Needs Your Help!


My friend D Grant Smith, also known as The Growth Farmer, is a great life and business coach. He launched his new book Be Solid with a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo today.

I originally heard of D Grant through The Appetizer Radio Show, which I love listening to since D’s taste in music is very similar to my own. Then I bought his book The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, which has so much great advice in it! I’ve been a fan of his and what he does for a few years and finally got the chance to meet him in person this past March at SXSW. He’s even more awesome in person!

D Grant’s vision is to help people because we all face heartbreak and loss, and the pain caused from those can be hard to overcome. D’s book is a guide to healing and a new outlook on life, based on his own life’s experience. His book gives people hope and helps them through those bad times.

From his website:

Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell And Come Back Whole is an empowering and healing book on overcoming the gut wrench of heartache for personal transformation, healing, and success. All of us have faced the trauma and pain in life. You can call it being heartbroken or experiencing loss. Either way it feels like hell, doesn’t it? Heartbreak has ruined a lot of lives. Don’t let it ruin yours. Experience a shorter path through your personal hell. This book will give you hope. And joining in with me will help you take that pain and turn it into power.

Knowing D Grant and his love for nurturing people, I can proudly say that this is a campaign worth contributing to. I just did myself! Through the campaign, you can pre-order the book in various formats, such as ebook, paperback, audiobook, even get coaching sessions or have D Grant do a keynote speech at an event. Join me in proudly helping D get his word out there!