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Set The BAR Announces Signing Of Alex Winters


Contact: Set The BAR Management

Alex Winters signs Management Deal with Set The BAR

Set The BAR Artist Management is pleased to announce the signing of central-Texas based singer/songwriter, Alex Winters!

Alex Winters is an award-winning rock artist whose forte is in sharing the vivid memories, feelings, and stories of both the beautiful and challenging experiences that molded her into the resourceful woman that she is today.

Of the signing, Barbara M Wahli shared, "We are excited to work with such a talented and ambitious musician who's heartfelt songs really resonate with her audience! It's wonderful to see how devoted and engaged Alex's fans are. Sharing her arduous journey and how it shaped her life has truly made Alex a strong female role model."

Luna Guitars honored Alex Winters with the inaugural “Shining Star” award in 2012, and Alex was featured in Hypebot for her use of Concert Window for live-streaming shows. With her seamless vocals, effortless compositions, and self-starting business sense, Alex has garnered some dedicated fans via her Patreon page and been featured in various press throughout the years. She is known by her fans as a poet, a dreamer, a story-teller, and an inspiration.

Excited about the new signing, Alex Winters said, “The folks at Set the BAR have been really great to work with so far. I love their enthusiasm and passion for developing and growing the careers of the musicians on their roster. Each member brings something special to the table that I know will help me succeed, and I am looking forward to storming the music business with them at my side."

Alex is currently in the studio recording new songs while the new team formulates plans for upcoming releases, tours, and transforming Alex Winters’ brand into a scalable business that aligns with today’s market trends.

To learn more about Alex Winters and her introspective music, check out:



Sam Johnson Releases New Single "Fuego"


I’m excited to announce that I’m working with the ever-so-talented singer/songwriter Sam Johnson and he released a new single today named “Fuego”! The single already landed on Spotify‘s official New Music Friday playlist in Germany! Listen on Spotify and download the new tune via your favorite outlet!

Sam fully funded his third EP “The City” through Kickstarter raising nearly $10,000. The album’s lead single “The City” received airplay on San Francisco’s Live 105 FM for several weeks.

Sam’s previous single “Faded” debuted at #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts and his original music is frequently featured in TV shows on MTV, FOX, NBC, BRAVO, and SPIKE. Sam will be releasing a new full length album in 2019, so stay tuned for more!

Sam recently played one of my One Roof Sessions house show, so check out his awesome version of “Uptown Funk” from that evening.



Barb Rocks And The A&R Agency Announce Set The BAR Partnership


Contact: Set The BAR Management

Bar Rocks and The A&R Agency Announce New Partnership: Set The BAR Artist Management

Barb Rocks (CA) and The A&R Agency (TX) are excited to announce a strategic partnership between their artist management firms!

Having successfully collaborated on various projects and events, and even sharing an artist management roster over the course of 12 consecutive years, Barbara M WahliAustin Breckenridge, and Robert S. Austin have proven on numerous occasions that their team dynamic moves mountains.

In regards to the new partnership, Robert Austin of The A&R Agency mentioned that, “By being a cross-city/cross-state alliance, we create the opportunity to increase our regional footprint and serve a more dynamic roster. I’m a firm believer that by combining our diverse skill sets and robust network of industry professionals, we will continue to yield the organizational fortitude that our clients require in order to succeed.”

Set The BAR's mission is to provide a vigorous, proactive approach to artist management, tailored to the unique needs of each client. The ultimate goal of STB’s relationship with their clients is to achieve and maintain a state of mutual excellency.

Barbara Wahli of Barb Rocks added, "I’m excited for this partnership and trust that together we are an unstoppable force that champions the artists we work for!"

Set The BAR's combined roster currently consists of Alex Winters, with more artists to be announced! For more info, check out



Frantic Romantic's "Ready To Go" Cover Premiered on Soundwaves TV


Our friends at Soundwaves TV premiered Frantic Romantic’s newest music video for their cover of Republica’s “Ready To Go” last night! The video was filmed in my backyard and really captures the live performance aspect of the band, especially the commanding presence of lead singer Mr. Kerosene.

Personally, I think the band did a great job capturing the original songs energy, yet still making it their own. Curious to hear what you all think of it!

The single will be out on all outlets this week, including Spotify and Apple Music! Next Sunday June 23, Soundwaves TV will feature Frantic Romantic’s interview with them, so tune in at 7pm PDT!



Levi J Releases "Time Slips By" Single


This past Friday, San Jose singer/songwriter Levi J released a new tune called “Time Slips By,” which features the talented Shiloh Mae. Opening with a strong guitar riff and some harmonica, the song leads into a beautiful melody and heart-felt lyrics of a personal love story. Shiloh adds a touch of femininity with her soft rich voice that really completes the song. It’s a easy listen and another solid single by one of my favorite local artists.

“Time Slips By” is available on all outlets, so give it a listen and let me know what you think!



Life Size Models Release New Single "Polar Nights"


San Jose indie rockers Life Size Models released their new single “Polar Nights” today! The song deals with the delicate topics of mental illness and depression that affects so many people, a disease that has taken the lives of a few close to the band members.

Not only is it a great ear-worm with an important message, it also samples a Ted Talk by Jake Tyler about depression, which adds a unique element to the tune that really hits hard on how depression can affect people.

“Polar Nights” is available on all outlets, including Spotify and SoundCloud, and has garnered some wonderful press from both PureGrainAudio and the Silicon Valley Metro. I highly recommend reading both articles as it gives some great insight on how the song came about, what it means to the band, upcoming shows, and what the future holds for LSM. Plus tune into ALT 105.3 Radio next Sunday to hear “Polar Nights” on Soundcheck!




Planet Booty Announce "Guilty Pleasure" Summer Tour


Bay Area’s favorite dance outfit Planet Booty recently announced their first headlining tour fittingly named “Guilty Pleasure Tour” and they are hitting the road this Summer! The trio is performing 29 shows, starting with June 2 at Santa Cruz Pride and ending on August 23 in their hometown Oakland. Grab your tickets now so you don’t miss one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen! Their new EP drops in June and I can’t wait to hear the new tunes.



Sign Up For The Profitable Musician Summit


The Profitable Musician Summit, now in its 2nd year, is an online conference being held from April 22 - May 1. This virtual event provides step-by-step action plans for making money (and keeping more of the money you make) from the world’s pre-eminent music industry experts.

This year’s event is 100% focused on making musicians more profitable. That means not only making more income, but keeping more of what you earn.
It’s about making your money work for you:

  • Making smarter business decisions

  • Using your income to grow your income

  • Finding money you didn’t know existed

  • Creating a sustainable income you can count on

The presenters include 33 sought-after experts from the music and financial industries including Ari Herstand, Rick Barker, Ariel Hyatt, Suzanne Paulinski, D Grant Smith, Tommy Darker, and Bandzoogle's very own Dave Cool.
The Summit is hosted by Bree Noble, who is known for helping musicians learn to make money from music. The interviews will be packed with practical steps and action-oriented information to help you finally get on a path to profitability.
Several great things about this summit:

  • It’s FREE to register. Go here

  • You can watch the presentations from the comfort of your own home or on the go (desktop or mobile)

  • You’ll get access to each interview for 48 hours after it airs so you’ll have plenty of time to watch at your own convenience

And since it’s held online and the sessions are available for 48 hours, you don’t have to choose. You can make time for the ones that really interest you!



D Grant Smith Releases New Book "Be Solid" And Needs Your Help!


My friend D Grant Smith, also known as The Growth Farmer, is a great life and business coach. He launched his new book Be Solid with a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo today.

I originally heard of D Grant through The Appetizer Radio Show, which I love listening to since D’s taste in music is very similar to my own. Then I bought his book The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, which has so much great advice in it! I’ve been a fan of his and what he does for a few years and finally got the chance to meet him in person this past March at SXSW. He’s even more awesome in person!

D Grant’s vision is to help people because we all face heartbreak and loss, and the pain caused from those can be hard to overcome. D’s book is a guide to healing and a new outlook on life, based on his own life’s experience. His book gives people hope and helps them through those bad times.

From his website:

Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell And Come Back Whole is an empowering and healing book on overcoming the gut wrench of heartache for personal transformation, healing, and success. All of us have faced the trauma and pain in life. You can call it being heartbroken or experiencing loss. Either way it feels like hell, doesn’t it? Heartbreak has ruined a lot of lives. Don’t let it ruin yours. Experience a shorter path through your personal hell. This book will give you hope. And joining in with me will help you take that pain and turn it into power.

Knowing D Grant and his love for nurturing people, I can proudly say that this is a campaign worth contributing to. I just did myself! Through the campaign, you can pre-order the book in various formats, such as ebook, paperback, audiobook, even get coaching sessions or have D Grant do a keynote speech at an event. Join me in proudly helping D get his word out there!



Levi J Releases New Song "Leaving" Featuring Taylor Rae

Leaving Album Art FINAL.jpg

Levi J released his newest single “Leaving” featuring Taylor Rae last Friday! The song is a heartfelt rock ballad and their two voices blend beautifully together in the chorus. Really impressed with Levi’s songwriting, he has a unique artistic style that’s really his own, which sets his music apart from other singer-songwriters out there. I really hope he has a fruitful career ahead of him as I know how hard he works at everything he does. I can’t wait to hear the next tune!



"Rocketship" Video Features Frantic Romantic As Aliens Landing On Earth


Alt-pop/dream-rockers Frantic Romantic released their newest single “Rocketship” with an awesome music video reminiscent of the 80’s movie Earth Girls Are Easy. The video, directed by Nic Domaguing, stars local model/actress Victoria Barajas in your typical aliens meets earth girl fashion, with gold jumpsuits and a funny dinner scene that will make you smile. Stream the single on Spotify and don’t forget to follow/subscribe/like the band on their social media channels!

In other great news, Mr Kerosene & Rube Walker perform at Festiarte, el punto del arte in Tijuana Mexico this weekend, courtesy of El Topo Records, as well as on June 22 in the downtown festival.



JWB Premiere Their First Single "Start Today"


San Jose acoustic-pop trio JWB released their first single “Start Today”! The song is a beautifully composed tune in tribute to Harvey Wichman, who’s beautiful poem “Dreamer” inspired the song. It’s a lovely melody with a positive message that gets stuck in your head. I’ve been meeting with the band regularly to give them advice on releasing music and social media best practices and they’re doing a great job telling their amazing story. I’m highly impressed with them and expect big things to happen for them if they continue to work hard at it.

You can listen to the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes.



Meet Texas Based Singer Songwriter Alex Winters


While at SXSW, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Alex Winters in person after having communicated with her over some time in Music Launch Co. Not only did Alex and I bond instantly, but I fell in love with her songs for wayward souls about the good and ugly life experiences. Alex bares her deepest feelings in her music and it’s refreshing to see an artist so comfortable in their own skin, who’s goal is to let others know they are not alone in their pain.

I highly encourage you to check Alex Winters out on Spotify and YouTube, and if you end up loving her music as much as I do, please support her via her Patreon page. Alex is about to release her new single “Silent Storm,” which I promise you is worth the wait! I’m hoping to work with this wonderful artist, so keep your fingers crossed for me!



Levi J Releases "My City" Single & Video


My good friend and talented singer/songwriter LEVI J released his new single “My City” today and it’s amazing! I instantly bonded with Levi when I met him back in November 2017. He came to one of my house shows ready to network with everyone there with such confidence, eager to impress me, which he obviously did. He played me his songs the following day and I really dug his style. It’s great to see him write even better songs now and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him and the talented musicians playing with him. I’m also honored to be one of the voices in the group “hey” you can hear halfway into the song. Check out “My City” on all outlets! Levi also released video for the new song filmed in downtown San Jose with live footage from Art Boutiki show a few months back. And yes, that’s my in the audience singing along to one of his songs.



Frantic Romantic on Soundwaves TV's Season 2 Premiere


Soundwaves TV featured Frantic Romantic's "At Night" official music video in their Season 2 debut! The video is featured at 1:15:40 in Vimeo below. Soundwaves is also premiering the band's new song and video "Rocketship" on March 31st, plus the band will be live in the studio with them on April 27th! Can’t wait for you all the experience “Rocketship” — it’s a great song and from what I’ve seen in the trailer, it’s going to be epic!



Austin Freeman and the Hard Souls Band Release "Ain't Hard To Choose" Video


I’m so excited to see Austin Freeman & The Hard Souls Band release their song “Ain't Hard to Choose" with video footage from them recording at Airship Laboratories and Tea House West. This tune is a guaranteed hit with its catchy hooks and earworm melody. I have a feeling Austin and his band have a big future ahead of them with an arsenal of good songs that appeal to a wide audience. I hope to work with this talented musician and help him and his band achieve more success. Would love to hear what you think of the song, so leave me a comment and share your thoughts!



Planet Booty Debut "Junk In The Trunk" Music Video


Oakland dance trio Planet Booty released their newest music video “Junk In The Trunk” today! The video theme is all about celebrating your sexiness that may result in a religious experience no matter where or who you are. The song features rapper El-Gun Legro and the video includes a lot of local fans. I myself almost made it to the filming, but sadly had something come up.



Barb Rocks Selected As SXSW Mentor!


Very excited and proud to announce that SXSW has selected Barb Rocks as a mentor for their mentorship program during the conference! Barbara is a mentor on management, live events, and A&R and will be available on Saturday March 16th from 3:30pm to 4:45pm at the Austin Convention Center in Room 17A on the 4th Floor.

Mentor Sessions offer 15 minutes of one-on-one interaction with industry leaders and professionals from a variety of fields spanning interactive, film, and music. To schedule your time, please do so through your SXSW account.

Barbara will be in Austin from March 8th to 17th and would love to meet up with anyone interested while she’s there. So if you’re going to be at SXSW, let’s get together!




Frantic Romantic Rerelease Victoria Trap Album & Announce Santa Cruz Show


San Jose dreampop quintet Frantic Romantic are rereleasing The Victoria Trap album which was previously available under their old band name Skyway View. The Victoria Trap features some of the band’s best singles including “Made of Glass,” “Crimson Petal,” and “Never Let Me Go.” The band is premiering one single every week day from February 14 to February 28 on their YouTube, starting with “Wilted Heart,” which appropriately surfaced online on Valentine’s Day. The full album will be out February 28th on Spotify and all major outlets.

Frantic Romantic also announced their first Santa Cruz show on Saturday March 2nd at Blue Lagoon with Threat To Self and Birdo.