Barb Rocks is collaborating on some house shows throughout the Bay Area with other people in this circuit.  "The One Roof Sessions" are all about talented artists/bands performing in intimate environments with close friends, fans, and music lovers around. There's such a closely knit music scene in San Jose and we wanted to create a place where everyone could gather under one roof and enjoy each other's music. We figured the best way to do that was with a house show and a huge group jam session (and possibly a few drinks. These are invite-only events at various locations with local and touring performers.

If you are interested in HOSTING/SUPPORTING future shows, please use form below:
By supporting, we mean sound, photography, set-up, clean-up, chairs, etc. which are important things to have at these events, so we do need volunteers. We are also looking for VIDEOGRAPHERS to document these shows on a donation basis. Thank you!


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