JWB is an Acoustic-Pop band from San Jose, California, comprised of three Bay-Area-based musicians that all hail from very different musical backgrounds: the lead singer, Jake Wichman, is a self-taught singer-songwriter and guitarist with a soft spot for 90s pop; drummer and backup vocalist William Lineberry is an inventive cajon player and percussionist that comes from a rock background; and double bassist Noa Laniakea is classically trained, composes, and works heavily in folk music of all kinds. Despite the potential difficulty in blending these styles, the trio has found a way to seamlessly merge elements from all these genres into one uniquely their own, combining electric-guitar-like double bass playing with funky grooves, catchy melodies, and lyrics anyone can relate to.

The three of them are also heavily invested in support of the LGBTQA+ community, as Noa is a nonbinary trans* individual (they/them or she/her) who wants to use their music to connect to a wider audience and provide visibility for trans* people, while Jake and Will are staunch allies. Together, they write music that is meant to be universal, singing stories of love and loss meant to bring people together over our shared experiences. Their message is that we are all just people doing the best we can, no matter our backgrounds, so why not make music about it?

Praise for JWB:

"Next up was JWB from San Jose, whose deceptively simple hooks were stuck in my head for hours past the show. Pop-folk smoothness permeated the performance, exuding professionalism and highlighted by the mighty fine double bass playing of Noa Laniakea.”
~Broke-Ass Stuart~

"JWB conjures acoustic singer/songwriter pop of the '90s."
~Monterey County Weekly~