To create a professional, artist friendly environment in which both the artist and manager take active roles in the development of the artist’s career. To uphold the core company values of honestyintegrityrespect and to provide the highest level of service and commitment while maintaining long lasting relationships with my clients. To provide the knowledge and tools necessary to empower the independent music community to self sustain in an ever changing and competitive music market


My management program is designed to help established and up-and-coming artists further their careers through strong, well planned and executed market plans, and strong financial planning in order to stay on top of the rising costs of pursuing a professional music career.  My services include (but not limited to) talent management, tour booking, tour management, business management, accounting services, press outreach, social media, team building, and vendor acquisition (recording, distribution, merchandising, photography, videography).

I work around the clock with my artists to ensure that every aspect of their business affairs are in order, and that artists are receiving as much relevant media exposure as possible. As management, it is my job to handle the business, so that the artists can focus on the writing and performing aspects of their career. 


My booking program focuses on bands and artists that I believe in, that I feel can benefit from my network of contacts, and best represent my core values.  Artists that I would like to manage once they are ready and I have the bandwidth to take them on.

I also host several events every year, including opportunities to book artists on Barb Rocks sponsored stages. These events range from smaller, local events, to large scale, national festivals.  I also produce and host The One Roof Sessions, intimate house shows focused around performances by local and touring musicians/bands.