7 year Bay Area music scene stalwart The Go Ahead has evolved a lot from the early, funk-jam-band side project featuring a motley crew of best friends. Since their start, they have matured into a sound that mashes the glossy distortion you’d hear at The Bronze nightclub in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while tossing out angsty harmonies that would pleasantly float around the dock of Dawson’s Creek. And in that time, they have steadily gained a following.

While there are a few eye-and-ear catching features to their sound and live shows (lead singer Kyna Wise’s gritty exuberance, for starters) The Go Ahead isn’t the vision of a singular individual with backup pieces. Rather, the band employs a more decidedly egalitarian mode of music making. Every member has equal ownership of the band: No one is the designated writer or composer, so they all, in turns, pull their creative weight and lend their unique perspective to the music. The result is work that can range from brooding, to grungy, pop-y and everything in between, all in a 45 minute set.

“In Harms Way” is a collection of songs dealing mostly with the joys and anxieties of solitude, loss, and humanity. This is in stark contrast to their 2014 release “Cycles” which was a very specific map of the lifecycle of a bittersweet romantic relationship.

This last year has been one of heartbreak and frustrations for The Go Ahead, which caused their most recent EP to be postponed. They lost their very close childhood friend, Jon Harms, suddenly due to exceptional complications while in hospital. The EP has been named “In Harms Way” to honor his life.

Despite all the hurdles—mourning their friend, major surgeries, relocations—The Go Ahead has evaded the normal cycle of entropy that has ended countless other bands. They stick together like glue with one goal in mind: To make music together. For them, there is no other option.

Praise for The Go Ahead:

"The group works with the glossy distortion you’d hear at The Bronze nightclub in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while tossing out angsty harmonies that would pleasantly float around the dock of Dawson’s Creek."
~Consequence of Sound~

"Kyna has a wonderfully fluid voice that flows like a river through every nook and cranny of the song. This Bay area band’s sound is coastal, breezy and stripped-down West Coast vibe."
~Get It On Vinyl~

"There is a consistent level of energy throughout the EP, [In Harms Way] which features well constructed songs that are artfully developed, and where each band members input results in a catchy feel, with plenty of attention for detail."
~Beehive Candy~

"Featuring six songs feverishly cobbled together with a real passion and energy, the gang has dug deep and hit upon a signature sound built around a unified melodic muscle and vocal wail that alternates between ferocity and delicacy."
~Tiny Mix Tapes~

"The Go Ahead are one of those San Francisco secrets we hope to share with the world very soon."
~SF Critic~

"The song [About To Burst] will have you hooked with mesmerizing vocals and emotionally driven lyrics."
~Music Junkie Press~

"The Go Ahead is one of those bands that prove that there is no need to use “female-fronted” as a qualifier because they deliver a sound that rivals some established male-dominated alternative rock bands."
~Craig Roxburgh | SA Music Scene~

“It Is Written” demonstrates the group's interest in playing with melodic choices that evoke the vibes of jazz and blues on the fronts of both instrumentals and vocals."
~Kira Grunenberg | GigTown Music~

"The Lovely Wise, the moniker of the lead singer, has a soulful voice. When she really gets into it, there’s a little James Brown in her soul."
~Tony DuShane | SF Gate~

"You guys are hot. Good, good stuff.”
~Thomas Pridgen | The Mars Volta~

"They force hooks into your brain before you even know what happened. San Francisco knocked it out of the park this time.  The topping of this funk rock stew is a formidable force of female vocal fireworks equal parts Grace Slick, Mick Jagger and Gwen Stefani."
~Ryan Brown | Bay Area Personality~

"I was taken by the fresh energy on stage.  Kyna leads the journey of familiar (and original?) tunes with a wildness of passion and a voice and spirit as whimsical and sincere as Janis Joplin and sexy and powerful as Beyonce. The band is right there with her... playing their hearts out and throwing in some fancy licks, creating a sound that leaves you wanting more!"
~Joegh Bullock | Anon Events~