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"her energy is infectious, and her ear for local talent remarkable."

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"So often in any music scene, variables in coordination result in a disconnect between the passion that drives the bands and the business of putting together shows. In the past year, Barbara Wahli has proven that it's possible to make the business about the music, focusing on the quality of the event from the perspective of the fan and the musician. By offering paid gigs at a venue with good sound and staff to a perpetually growing number of Bay Area bands twice a month at the Cupertino Britannia Arms, she's built a solid reputation through well-attended and effortlessly executed shows, becoming a hub for an expansive network of promoters, performers, and venues. She's also proven that a passion driven perspective is contagious, recently taking on promotions and booking part time at the VooDoo Lounge and Johnny V's in San Jose, the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale, and the Rockit Room in San Francisco. Barbara also manages a growing number of bands on the rise, including Jade of Days and Nothingleft."