"Barbara Wahli had a direct impact on the success of our band. Her guidance as a manager allowed for a very quick and direct route to the top of the Bay Area's music scene. Having a knack for creating and investing in unique musical ventures has ensured Barb a spot among some of the Bay Area’s best promoters and band managers. After securing her own [unofficial] showcase at SXSW 2015, Barb was able to offer local bands an opportunity to experience a musical market they may have never gotten to otherwise. Recently, Barb helped start Balanced Breakfast San Jose, a local musician’s meet up dedicated to providing guidance and feedback to musicians looking to grow within their local scene. It’s ventures like these that allows Barb to accumulate a roster of talented musicians year after year. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for local music is the reason why people continue to work with and support Barb Rocks on a daily basis."
~Fritz Montana~

"Barb Rocks has a knack for finding amazing music and talented bands. I am a long time Bay Area musician but Barb has connected me with some of my favorite local bands. She has her finger on the pulse of the local community, helping to nurture and grow it, all while understanding the higher level current music industry ecosystem. I always know when I bounce my ideas and get feedback on my current endeavors that our success is mutual, and it goes without saying when you work with Barb she has your back." 
~Stormy Strong~

"Barb has been managing us for a few years and has been amazing. Her love and passion for music is the same as ours. She puts in countless hours of energy and time into her bands that she manages. We highly recommend Barb if you are serious about taking your band to the next level." 

"Working with Barb Rocks is exactly the experience that every national touring band wants. Details are handled, shows are packed and all commitments are kept. Plus, she is an amazing person and really fun to hang out with. Attaloss can't wait to set up more shows in Nor Cal with Barb Rocks!"

"Barb Rocks is a cornerstone of the Bay Area music scene. Her enduring commitment to aiding novice and seasoned musicians alike is admirable. She is personable, genuine, and well-connected. A rare trifecta in any industry -- the Bay Area has been benefiting from Barb's work for over a decade. Barb possesses a nearly unparalleled wealth of knowledge and has personally guided my band into some of the best shows we've ever played. Barb consistently selflessly champions upcoming bands and promotes the best the Bay Area music scene has to offer. I am positive my band wouldn't be nearly as successful without the input and aid that I have received from Barb. Simply put, Barb Rocks."
~Life Size Models~

"In an area where a lot of promoters have a 'What can you do for me?' attitude, Barb wants to promote good bands on merit, and create shows that are conducive to the music. Being a huge supporter of the local music scene, her show's definitely belong to the bands and the fans."
~Solid State Logic~

"Barbara is a genuine soul, does what she says she's going to do, and loves what she does! Her energy and positivity are contagious. It's a rare combination in any industry, let alone music."
~The Moderna Complex~

"Barb knows her stuff! When it comes to managing and booking bands especially, she has no shortage of valuable insight and the grit and determination to get the difficult work done. She has a true passion for the music scene and truly wants to see each and every person she works with succeed—and that shines through in everything she does."
~Angela Mastrogiacomo | Muddy Paw PR~

"Barb Rocks is a true professional that really knows her stuff when it comes to the music industry. She's been a great help to me by opening various doors for my music to be heard and shared. I'm grateful and count it a great opportunity to work with her!"

“Barb and I have had the pleasure of working together on many levels. From booking the bands she represents to collaborating on projects within Balanced Breakfast, she is a force of positivity. Appreciate her dedication, focus, and quality taste in music.”
~Stefan Aronsen | Balanced Breakfast Co-Founder~

"We just recently worked with Barb Rocks for our first San Jose show and it went amazingly! Barb is professional and prompt, and she did a great job promoting the show and keeping us up to date with all the necessary info and promo details. The biggest reason we enjoyed working with Barb is because she's fair and she takes really good care of the bands. We are most definitely excited to work with her again on the next hometown show!"
~Rare Futures (while known as Happy Body Slow Brain)~

"From the very first email we sent her, Barb has been informative, detailed, and just downright personable. Her shows are always well thought out and put together, with groups of bands who mesh well and are great people. She runs things efficiently, but still retains an incredibly approachable and affable personality. Almost all of the bands she works with have the same qualities, which makes playing a Barb Rocks show like going to a family reunion. We're from out of town, and she always welcomes us with open arms. Barb shows pure love and enthusiasm for bands and music from all genres, which is a quality that's far to rare these days."
~Back Pocket Memory~

"Barb Rocks is a no bullshit promoter and music lover. How many promoters can you say that about these days? She always takes great care of us, is extremely fair and books great shows at good venues! I highly suggest any band looking for shows in the South Bay to contact her. If she thinks she can help you, she will. Barb Rocks is one of the last honest promoters left and she promotes, not just books shows."
~Jonny Manak & The Depressives~

"Barb Rocks is the local scene's Bill Graham. If your looking for a show at a good venue with plenty of promotion and draw, her's is the number to call. Choosing Barb as our band manager is the best decisions we've ever made as a band, other than being in a band together."
~Jade of Days~

"Barb is the kind of promoter that any band could only hope to work with. She is exceptionally fair and attentive to making sure her bands are taken care of. Unlike some promoter's shows, where your band is treated like an insignificant accompaniment to the bar selling beer, Barb personally extends herself to take care of the band's needs. Simply put...Barb Rocks!"

"Barb Rocks has helped give us new life in the South Bay and continues to support out of town bands anyway she can and we owe her for that. When certain bookers in the south bay have taken the easy road and gone the "Pay to Play" route, Barb continues to put together fun bills with bands that are actually working bands and when people show up she pay$ them. The best bands will always stand by her for many reasons, but Flexx Bronco will always stand by her for staying true and rewarding the hard working bands."
~Flexx Bronco~

"Barb Wahli, head of the Balanced Breakfast San Jose branch, has successfully helped to fill a void in the Bay Area music community that provides an access of opportunity. Musicians of all types, backgrounds, genders and race gather with Barb's influence to congress and share musical talents, with brother/sisterhood, in support of each others ambitions, goals and achievements. Streams of information of learning, brainstorming and musical enlightening, connect as a music lovers workshop -- a therapy for success in performance, recording, promoting, publishing, radio and most of all gathering and helping each with the talents that are in between."

"Barb Rocks is the best promoter in the Bay Area. She is well-connected within the music community and books both all ages and 21+ shows for us. Working with Barb Rocks has been integral to our success due to her strong work ethic and professionalism."
~A Four Star Affair~

"Barb Rocks is a strong supporter of the Bay Area Music Scene. Just as many artists love to write and perform their music, Barb truly enjoys promoting & booking throughout the Bay. For several years now Barb has hooked us up with shows in the South Bay and she has even helped sponsor some of our San Francisco based shows. Anyone looking to break into the Bay Area music scene should give her a call or shoot her an email!"
~Scraping For Change~

"Barb is genuinely involved in the local music scene. She works hard to put together shows and we recommend her to any artist looking to play the bay area."
~Silent Treatment~

"Barb really does rock! She knows how to put on a great line up and is San Jose's sweetheart! We would play anytime she ask us to, no questions asked, because Barb welcomes out of town bands with open arms."

"Barb Rocks is one of the greatest bookers we've ever dealt with, period! We'd work with her again whenever! She's the real deal, no bullshit fronts, just hard work and great results."
~Point 3~

"If you haven't heard of Barb Rocks, then you must not care about rock music in the bay area."
~Trip Device~

“Thank you for all you do to support local music and artists, it is inspiring/empowering/kickass/just all around incredible!”
~Esha K~

"Drop Dead Sixty is by far the most turbulent but most rewarding band I've been in, and its success is largely due to Barb Rocks, whom we lovingly call 'Roxie'! She's been with us through thick and thin, highs and lows. Whether it be lineup changes, outside parties taking advantage of us, people sabotaging us (which believe it or not has happened), or just general misfortune, Roxie has been there to back us up. She's also responsible for show bookings, radio show opportunities, coverage in newspapers, and providing useful advice on how to expand our fan base through social networks and networking events. She's like a big sister to us, and we'd recommend her to anyone looking to further their career as a musician."
~Drop Dead Sixty~

"What stood out to me the most as a gig-hungry artist looking to break the SJ music scene nearly a decade ago, was how Barb was one of the few promoters who took her position in the San Jose/South Bay music community very seriously. Barb has and continues to put her artists/clients first every time and makes it a top priority to take very good care of us/them to the best of her abilities. This made me want to work with her in a larger capacity, and I'm glad to have been able to do so by taking on numerous projects with her through Nemesis Media, Balanced Breakfast, and beyond throughout the years. She is a selfless resource for up and coming artists who's fire and desire to propel you to the next level tends to genuinely match your own, which is very hard to come by. Respect her efforts and she will propel you to the moon and back. I'm not trying to be cheesy when I say, "Barb, you truly do ROCK." Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do. \m/"
~Robert S. Austin | ¿Anonymity?~